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B-EX4T barcode printers

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Toshiba 2 inch Portable Printer

Toshiba 2" Portable Printer - EP2DL

Purchase this product and get discounts on the following items

  • Battery for EP2DL
  • 1 slot battery charger
  • 6 slot battery charger
  • EPDL AC Adaptor (220v)
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor
  • Bluetooth I/F
  • Wireless LAN EP2DL
  • Shoulder strap EP2DL
  • Carry case EP2DL
  • Quick release belt clip EP2DL
  • Linerless label kit EP2DL
  • 3 pin power cable for single charger
  • 3 pin kettle lead for 6 slot charger
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Toshiba EV4 4" Direct thermal printer

Purchase this product and get discounts on the following items

  • Guillotine cutter module
  • Partial cutter module
  • Peel off module EV4 D-T
  • AC Adaptor cover
  • External medial holder
  • Stand alone keyboard
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Barcode Printers, Verifiers, Label Applicators & More...!

If you're looking to buy barcode label printers at a discount price then you've come to the right place! We stock a wide range of barcode solutions, including printersbarcode verifierslabel applicators, ribbons, software and more. We're also on hand to offer advice if you're not sure what solution is right for the job.

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Why choose a barcode printer over a standard printer?

Barcode PrinterA barcode printer is a solid investment for your business.  The exacting tolerances needed for barcode printing require a much higher precision and print quality than for standard text printing.  Other requirements such as producing very small barcodes, encoding variable data or two-dimensional symbols, add to the challenges and make regular document printers, with standard print resolution and other functionality, insufficient for the task in hand.

Why choose The Barcode Depot?

We sell barcode printers that provide high quality output, are convenient and very cost effective.  Even our most basic models of barcode printers produce multiple bar code symbologies, without the need for special programming.

we sell a range of barcode printersOur models provide the text and graphics needed for your barcode labelling jobs, and they don’t generate excessive waste or consistently jam.  They are able to produce small labels to exact tolerances, and accept and encode variable data without any significant reduction in print speed.  Benefits like these mean that the cost of your barcode printer is easily offset by material savings, productivity gains and the advantages in quality that it will provide in comparison with other print technologies, for both light and heavy users.

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