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BarTender Barcode Software:

Seagull Scientific's BarTender is the best piece of barcode software on the market at the moment; we cannot recommend it enough:

  • BarTender software supports all the barcode label printers we sell.
  • Plus, it is fully compliant with all barcode standards available.
  • We guarantee you the lowest prices for barcode software online!

Need help? Give us a call on 01205 820757.

BarTender Barcode Software:

BarTender barcoding software is easy to use, well supported and rather robust.

We know that operator ease-of-use is as important as technical ability when it comes to multi-user applications. Understanding this, we decided to look at all the barcode software packages available, from the smaller “bespoke” packages to the international offerings, and we don’t think you will find a better supported, more robust, more capable package than Seagull Scientific's BarTender.

Case study:  One of our customers recently wiped their copy at 2.00am and couldn’t produce labels, so they rang the manufacturer (at 2.30am) who talked them through both reinstall and design.  They stayed on the phone for an hour while the client sorted themselves out.  That’s the BarTender way...

Which BarTender Software package will I need?

BarTender offers a range of software solutions, from the Basic version costing from £124.00 right through to multi-sight mainframe Automation version ;costing considerably more (as it will converse with SAP)

The “does almost everything” Professional version answers most customers' requirements, and at an affordable price, it will take all but the biggest companies through all their label printing needs.

  • BarTender Basic: The Basic version of BarTender includes the most common design features you’d need: text, graphics and of course, barcodes.

  • BarTender Automation: This version offers the same design features as the Basic version (text, graphic, barcode) but there is the bonus of added software integration tools (ActiveX Automation, Commander utility, etc).

  • BarTender Profressional: Again, the Professional version of BarTender comes with the Basic label design features (text, graphic, barcode) but with added network database access (OLE DB, DBBC) plus access to spreadsheets and text files. This comprehensive piece of software does everything except allow control from within other software packages.

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