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This is our world not yours so maybe we can help to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Call our helpdesk on 01205 820757.  We will talk through your issues and you may realise you already know the answers.  However, if you still don't then we will be able to offer you some guidance or a course of action to get you printing again.

  • Printing problems? Portable printers, Receipt printers, desktop printers, Industrial printers
  • Barcodes that won't scan? Barcode software, barcode systems, barcode verifiers
  • Ribbon errors? Printer ribbon, printer cleaning, worn printheads
  • Sensor issues? Receipt printers, desktop printers, industrial printers
  • Verification? unable to calibrate your barcode verifier
  • Barcodes? Magnification, what type do I use, check digit, what check digit

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When you call you need to have to hand:

  • Printer type and model
  • Software package you are using
  • Error message displayed
  • Ribbon type you are using
  • Label type you are using

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